What is photo editor software?

All the activities such as changing the background, fixing the spots, adjusting the colour, size, angle and contrast is performed by software known as photo editor software. Photo editor software is basically of two types free and paid. Free photo editor software can be downloaded easily and we don’t have not to pay anything but for paid photo editor software we have to purchase it by paying some amount.


  • Best photo editor for windows 8

Since every operating system does not supports every software as discussed earlier so there are different soft wares designed especially for different operating systems. Similarly the photo editing software available for windows 8 are as follows-

  1. Pencil Sketch
  2. Photo Makeup Editor
  3. ID Photo Creator
  4. Aviary Photo Editor
  5. Polarr photo Editor
  6. Photo Frame Editor
  7. Photo Pos Pro
  8. PT Photo Editor


  • Future of photo Editing

Future of photo editing is very bright because the upcoming world is of Artificial Intelligence. Photo editing is currently much popular between us and its popularity will increase day by day. It is fact that the interest of capturing photo is increasing rapidly and also people wants that photos being edited, so we can also say that it is a business of the future. Since photo editing is an art and everyone is not perfect in it because it is a complex process and it requires skills, concentrationand the most important is dedication i.e. why people usually goes to photo editors for getting their photos being edited hence an individual can earn a lot from here.

  • Best photo editing software for tablets

Tablet is an electronic device which can perform almost functions of the mobile phones as well as the PC. It is easy to draw and edit a photo in a tablet as compared to PC and mobile phones, tablets have large screen and it supports the optical pencil which helps a lot while editing an image secondly tablets are easier to carry as compared to PC.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express
  2. Airbrush
  3. Facetune
  4. Photo Director
  5. Photofy Content Creation Tool
  6. Photo Editor by Aviary
  7. Photo Editor Pro
  8. Picsart Photo Studio


  • Merits of photo editing

Photo editing has a number of merits some of them are discussed below-

  1. Photo editing increases the clarity and quality of the image.
  2. Photo editing enables a user to recreate the original photo.
  3. Photo editing allows us to create the photo in the same manner as we want.
  4. Photo editing beautifies the original image.
  5. Photo editing adds a new life to the photo.
  • Demerits of photo editing

Photo editing has a number of demerits some of them are discussed below-

  1. Photo editing loses the beauty of the original photo.
  2. It consumes much time.
  3. It is a complicated and long term process.
  4. It requires many assets such as computer/mobile phone, photo editing software etc.
  5. Photo editing requires several skills and knowledge about it.


  • Professional photo editing software free-

Professional photo editing soft wares are complex in design and are generally not free we have to purchase it from the respective web-site. But still there are some photo editing soft wares which are free and can be easily downloaded some of these free professional photo editing soft wares are as follows-

  1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  2. Canva
  3. Aftershot Pro
  4. Photoshot
  5. Cyberlink Photo director8 ultra
  6. On1 Photo 10
  7. MacPhun Luminar Creative Kit
  8. Serrif affinity Photo

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